YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Review

YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Review – 2 Beds in one!

Hey guys, I’m Alistair, and this is the Yeti trailhead dog bed. So this video is to show you guys what the Yeti dog bed is actually like in real life its size. Some of the key features what our dog kept low really likes about it and speaking of Kepler, he’s outside the yard moment playing I had to send them outside, so I can actually get off the bed so that I could do this little Review for you guys, he absolutely loves it.

If you want more pictures of this bed and a really in-depth review by Kepler himself. Yes, he writes between McHale comm and he’s, written lots of reviews of dog products and gear. The trail dogs and adventure dogs so definitely check that out pop a link down below right.

YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Pricing

So, firstly, this bed is quite expensive. It’s $300, so I’m sure there’s. Gonna be a lot of people out there looking for reviews to see if it’s worth it, it’s, a lot of money to spend on a dog bed, and people, maybe like yourself, want to know if it’s durable it’s gonna last, so the bed itself comes in two parts and that’s.

One of the really cool features for me about this bed. We’ve got this room base, which is the the outer edge and the base, so that is designed to stay at home, but also you’ve got the travel pad, which is put inside [ Applause ] now cause that a little Gifty logo, on there very nice love it really good quality, very cushy.

The YETI Trailhead Dog Bed is Washable

This is not waterproof. On top, I think it’s a water repellent, but that repellent will wear off so Yeti have made it washable and removable so somewhere around here. This is it here; it is yep. So with that take off the top section completely take this completely off and wash it it’s bottom section here you don’t, take off it’s quite solid and it’s fully waterproof.

So you don’t have to worry about washing it. You should just better wipe it off if it gets dirty. Well, yeah! Well, so that’s the cushion inside. So that comes out completely really nice quality. I have to say stitching and everything it’s very durable.

We’ve, had a few dog beds in the past that Kepler destroyed as a puppy, and actually we held off given this to him, while stealing is still in his teething stages and biting stuff, the kids $300 and we really didn’t want him to children yeah so that’s that treble pad really nice.

This is the home base. You can take out travel pad whilst it’s in home, but we always keep it in there. You really like the extra padding everyone. So yes got this nice boss, Yeti logo. This is all waterproof and solid, so the solid base keeps it in place.

Stops it rolling over stops the dog moving it. Shifting em out keeps it really nice and solid, quite heavy, but you need that if you’ve got a relatively big deal and you don’t want him, throwing it around so that’s.

The YETI Trailhead Dog Bed is for Small to Medium Sized Dogs

Really nice. The YETI Trailhead Dog Bed comes in this one size only so if you’ve got small mediumish dogs, that’s perfect our border collie Kepler is 45 pounds and it’s got plenty of room check out the pictures in the in depth review to see what he looks like inside this bed again with the base.

It is detachable this top section of the base, so you can believe this hatch it and wash it. We’ll demonstrate now again the bottom, like I said it’s, water, wash this bet this funky little cushion there taken inside and bitter you wash it yeah that’s, the bit that comes off and that’s what you watch and you can actually get spares of these if it was to get destroyed, you can buy a replacement on I’ll. Put a link down below to all this stuff. See them go check it out over than that. That’s. What you’re left with do not wash this fully waterproof. You should just get a wipe it out if it gets dirty.

I hope you enjoyed this video that’s. A really quick review of the Yeti trail head dog bed – Kepler loves it. You can tell by looking at him in the photos in his in-depth review, so definitely check that out for more information about the YETI Trailhead Dog Bed .

Yeah, Keplar can 100% recommend his YETI Trailhead Dog Bed. So much for watching this review of the Yeti trail head dog bed. I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a like and please consider, subscribing to our channel click.

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