Why A Dog Bed Is Important

Why A Dog Bed Is Important


The story of the Orvis dog nest goes back to 1977, an Englishman was visiting or was selling tweed jackets and more skins, and my dad invited him down to the house to have a drink when he was there. He heard a loud pounding on the door.

My dad got up and said: oh, that must be Williams a little men and in France, my pet goat, who my dad was looking after and the goat ran right up to the Englishman, stuck his nose in a strength drained about half of it and the two Of them became fast friends for the rest of the trip the Englishman got home.

He wrote my dad nice thank-you note appreciate the hospitality and, by the way I’m gonna send Williams a present and what arrived was. What is now the or this don’t nest? I think it’s, pretty easy to love a dog.

Have it as part of the family, but not be aware of what its needs are. We think we have a house, it’s very comfortable and the dog just comes and adapts, but in the wild it would have its den or its nest its place that it would go to being in a family with two kids under the age Of five chaos is almost inevitable that dog bed is their place and it’s really useful, and sometimes they just want to get away from balls being thrown around or Legos being chucked back and forth, and often when that happens.

If I look up and the dog is no longer in the room, I can often go find them and they’ll be curled up in their dog bed. This is Cooper. He’s a five year old, German Shorthaired Pointer. He’s extremely active, he loves hiking playing fetch and he has field trained Cooper’s.

Just like the well trained athlete. He needs a place to rest and recover with a memory foam dog bed. He has the support for his joints and his muscles that he needs to be ready to go the next day or the next weekend.

This is my dog Dixie. She is constantly running around. She wants to play fetch. She wants to go on a hike, but she’s. 12. Her joints are 12 and they’ve, had a lot of wear and tear from all the play having a dog bed where she can go and lay down, get that rest.

Get that support and live that playful lifestyle is really great. Dodd’s, give us so much. You know they connect us with what’s important. They make us be present and bring out sort of the silliness and the playfulness that we sometimes forget about.

We take it very seriously and very personally, because we love our dogs to such a degree that we want the very best for them. One of the founding merchandising principles in this company is, we sell what we love and when you love something you know it intimately, and you know it’s nuances.

We have dog friendly stores, we have a dog friendly office, we’re committed to making dogs lives better because they make our lives better. [, Music, ],

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