Big Barker Dog Bed Review

I’m Cali with adventure rig, and this is a Big Barker dog bed review. This is hank and welcome to our summer office. This is where we’re based out of for the summer work season, hank’s, either sleeping in here or laying out in the sun, and if there’s, one thing that he’s good at it Is sleeping and getting really comfortable? We recently had a little issue with a skunk here, and so we had to throw hank’s old bed away and we were recommended this dog bed by a friend.

This is a Big Barker dog bed, and once we started looking into the big barker, it was honestly a no-brainer. We hadn’t really thought about the fact that hank could need a supportive dog bed being a 90 to 100 pound dog hank’s.

Seven years old and we’ve, started to notice in the last six months that, after long hikes or long walks, he’s pretty stiff in the morning or even soon, after the walk so having this bed has been a total game changer and honestly, it’s, something that we’re, not sure why we never got him a nice bed. If you look at his old bed or even feeling it after this came, it was insane the difference. His old bed was really thin flattened and it almost just felt like you’re laying on the ground.

I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be for hank, and then we got this and it has been a game changer. This is the size large with the headrest. Now the size large is 48 by 30 by 7.. They also come in an extra large, which is 52 by 36 by 7 and the giant 60 by 48 by 7.

The Big Barker Dog Bed is a Big Dog Bed

This is a big dog bed like hank is a big dog, and you can see that there’s, still a ton of room. I have crawled onto this thing and taken a nap with hank. Now you can see that with this seven inches here this is high density foam and there’s, actually a couple different layers in there that’s.

What gives it the support? So it has two inches of comfort foam. Then three inches of high density foam and then another two inches of comfort foam on top that high density foam is what’s, really giving it the support and not allowing hank to sink and have pressure points.

This is also what’s, supporting his joints and, as he gets older, that just becomes more and more important, especially for a large dog. Now i know i mentioned that these are made in the usa, but not only that they have a 10-year warranty.

They’re saying that in 10 years this foam will not flatten that’s insane, and with that i know this is an expensive dog bed. This is a 300 dog bed, but for 300, a bed that is going to live at least 10 years.

I mean I don’t know why we didn’t think about investing in a good dog bed for hank when he was a puppy. It’s, honestly, a no-brainer, and now that we have it. I don’t know if we could ever go back to a normal, not so great dog bed.

Now you can also get the Big Barker dog bed without the headrest. However, that is a huge bonus for hank. He loves the headrest now in the month that we’ve. Had this hank’s, gotten it pretty dirty. We actually, as you can see in this video, took a before shot and then washed it.

It cleans up really nice. We weren’t sure how well it would clean up with this microfiber suede material, but i threw it in the wash on cold gentle cycle and it cleans up really nicely after that, throw it in the dryer on low, and i mean it looks Just as good as new, when you put the cover back on the bed, that’s, one thing to mention putting this cover back on the foam is so easy.

It’s easier than making your bed with a fitted sheet. Honestly, the zipper goes 75 of the way around the bed, so it’s. Super easy, throw it on there, zip it up. You’re good to go. If you are ready to up your dog’s, comfort game, you absolutely need to check out the Big Barker dog bed.

Now, of course, there are other options online, but with the Big Barker dog bed you’re. Getting the 10 year warranty it’s made in the usa and it’s made with high quality products. This seriously has been a game changer for hank sleeping and since he sleeps eighty percent of the day, I’m not sure why we didn’t think about it sooner. If you guys have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below we’ll get back to you. Also, if you’re wondering where we are, what we’re up to check us out on instagram and facebook at adventurerig.

And if you want to check out more photos of hank on his Big Barker dog bed, be sure to head over to our website and check the full review photos write up video everything’s there, thanks again for watching, i’m cali, and This is hank and we’re with adventure rig [ Music ].

Can you have a better example of a comfortable dog? I don’t think you can

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