Should I Buy An Orthopedic Bed For A Dog With Hip Dysplasia

Should I Buy An Orthopedic Bed For A Dog With Hip Dysplasia?

Hi I’m Eric Shannon from big Barker and I’m here to answer the question: should I buy an orthopedic dog bed for a dog with hip dysplasia, and the answer to that is maybe, depending on the quality of the bed that you buy so right here below me? I have two separate beds.

This is a orthopedic dog bed that we make here at big Barker. This is a orthopedic dog bed that we bought off Amazon for the purpose of making these videos. So if my dog has hip dysplasia, the most important thing is that I keep their hips off the floor.

If my dog and my dog Hank did, I have dysplasia for all of his 13 years pretty much and if he’s on a bed like this, he was a 92 pound dog, any pressure of any significance – sinks right through this flimsy foam.

So if my dog had hip dysplasia, I would not want him sleeping on this bed. This bed right here because it’s, not gonna help it’s, not providing any support or pain relief from the pressure created between the the hips and the floor.

This, on the other hand, the big Barker we make this with the same quality materials in the same, loving care that human mattresses are made out of. This is the same type of bed that my dog Hank slept on for most of his adult life and the reason why this is a good bed for dogs like Hank with hip dysplasia, is because he was you know he was a 92 pound AAG, so he Wasn’t the biggest dog in the world, but he was still had some significant weight to him.

I’m twice the size of Hank a little bit more than that and, as you can see, I’m, not pressing into this bed. So if I lay down on this, like I’m, putting all my weight in my hip right now, I’m, not sinking through this bed.

This feels comfortable feels like a human mattress. So if I have hip dysplasia, this is making me more comfortable because I’m, not feeling any direct pressure from the floor and the foam is sort of wrapping around the pressure point that my hip is creating.

So to answer your question, our orthopedic dog beds helpful for dogs with hip dysplasia. I mean I know from personal experience because not only do I make dog beds, but I had a dog with hip dysplasia and I can tell you that it helped him.

But if your dog has hip dysplasia and you thinking about an orthopedic dog bed, this is what you want. You don’t want this. This will do your dog no good. This will do your dog lots of good so anyway, this is a big Barker bed and check it out.

Have any questions. Let us know, hopefully that answers your question.

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