Purple Pet Bed: Scientific Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Purple Pet Bed: Scientific Comfort for Your Furry Friend


The Purple Pet bed is engineered to be temperature neutral, so our little buddies can rest comfy, pant, free, meaning, no panting. I think that’s, pretty cool! That’s cool is your fanny-pack node.

I am biscuit, I am a good boy, but my dear human gave biscuit a bad bed. Why would you give a good boy a bad bet? We all make mistakes. Maybe you do listen. Most pet beds are gross extinct. They’re hard, they’re lumpy and they look like this.

The pet bed world needed an intervention so with the comfort scientists at purple, I am veneered the all-new purple pet pen, the first and only pet bed to feature Purple’s. Crazy comfy super Sayan see purple technology.

Oh wow, please get his excite whoops. This kid peed a little, it happens and poo we all do, but on the purple pet bed, that’s. Okay, you see. First, we looked at other pet beds. Most come in a variety of covers, ranging from cotton and nylon to microfiber and polyester problem is most of these fabrics are easily penetrated by moisture, creates bacteria and bacteria smells gross.

This means, even when you bathe, conditioned and deodorize your little buddy as soon as they lay down on their bed, that old dog smell returns like a bad sequel. I’m looking at you, Michael Bay, so just toss the cover in the wash right wrong, because the real problem is the bed itself: foam slab, cotton, batting, fluff chunks.

These materials are a breeding ground for bacteria mold and fungi, no Kies the bad fungi. That means your pet bed not only smells gross but might be making you more allergic to Fido or cat Fido. That’s, where the purple pet bed comes in.

When we developed the purple pet bed, we addressed all these issues, starting from the inside out. The core of our bed is made of our ultra comfy hyper elastic polymer. The comfort core is then wrapped in an antimicrobial water, pre odor proof protector.

That means no bacteria. No smell better than my human son and are easy to remove ultra-durable cover is also antimicrobial, as well as stain and moisture resistant, not to mention a beautiful statement, piece for any living, room, bedroom or pet room.

You know if you’re one of those people guilty now here’s, why your furry friends are gonna go barking mad over the purple pet bed. It’s, just so. Dang comfy don’t be jealous ever notice that, even though you bought the $ 200 plush microfiber therapeutic deluxe edition pet bed at a big-box store, your fur children still prefer your bed over theirs boy.

Do I love shedding is probably what cats think, as they diabolically spread their fur all over your bedspread, but hey you’re just so cute. Also, you might notice your more fur. Heavy friends prefer to sleep on the cool tile floor over there.

Purple Pet Bed Regulates Heat

Soft dog bed kind of like how I prefer Chloe to Kim that’s, why we engineered the purple pet bed to be temperature neutral. Your little buddies can rest comfy, pant, free, meaning, no panting. I think that’s, pretty cool! That’s cool is your fanny-pack node.

Purple Pet Bed is Durable

Has your pet ever utterly destroyed his or her bed? First off? Maybe they’re, trying to tell you something, but also pets, love to scratch and chew, but nothing scratches and chews with more precision plug in the glove our way to test for durability.

The purple pet bed would stood over 60-thousand claws from this monster. The purple pet bed is the absolute greatest pet bed of all time. So if you love your pets like she loves sloths and treat your furry friends to the best rest of their unfortunately short lives and hey we a purple don’t discriminate.

The pet bed is great for dogs, cats, pigs, goats, snakes, look at that spinal alignment, hedgehogs horses, pet rocks, Chia Pets, puck tardes, imaginary friends, clip our animation pets, even humans, dressed like dogs, omg.

The purple mattress has brought comfort to thousands of humans. Now we can bring that same level of comfy to your beloved pets and act quickly, because of the time it took you to watch this video. Your little Beethoven is already a week old Beethoven sucks Metallica all the way.

This kids, you should look them up on piratebay bra. We’d. Love your support. If you would like to preorder a purple, pet bed select one of our pledge levels over here or here or wherever I did, and now I’m in the video.

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