Purple Dog Bed Review

Purple Dog Bed Review – Is it Worth it?

Hi everybody JJ here, and today we’re gonna be talking about the Purple dog bed and my experiences with it over the last almost eight months and whether or not it’s really worth what it costs.

So let’s, go ahead and find out a bit more about the purple dog bed. So when we take a look at the overall design of the purple pet itself, it’s, pretty straightforward. They offered in three different sizes.

Purple Dog Bed Sizing

There’s, gonna be kind of like a small, a medium and a large. So for the small you’re gonna have nineteen by twenty six, then, for the medium you’re gonna have twenty nine. By thirty eight and then for the largest size, it’s, going to be thirty.

Eight by fifty. Now that you’re, all gonna have a 5-inch height that’s. I think an interesting differentiation between a lot of other beds and many other. I’d, say more traditional dog beds, especially memory foam beds.

You’re. Probably gonna actually have, I think, a lower clearance in terms of the height, probably somewhere, maybe between as littles, maybe about two inches two and a half inches to up to about four.

Maybe four and a half inches. Definitely more high-end types of memory, foam beds: you can definitely see in that four and a half five and even six inch as far as their overall height, but the reason why that’s important is, I think, though, for some dogs, especially as they Get older that can be sometimes a little bit more challenging it’s kind of just getting that little bit of a hump over that initial part to be on a list lay into the bed and there’s, definitely kind of different Types of beds on the market that sometimes they have different levels to them that allow the dog to think more comfortably kind of get into it.

So this is something to keep in mind in terms of the price point. As we noted you’re. First talking about the bed, it definitely can get pretty expensive the entry level model in terms of the small sizing that’s, approximately 150 dollars, notwithstanding, of course taxes and then, of course, you move all the way up to the highest n.

One is 270 and then right there in the middle a little bit less than 200 at about 190 dollars. So definitely all the way around these are fairly expensive. Now the construction is going to be identical across all of these, so they’re.

All going to feature that hyper elastic polymer or what purple calls their smart comfort grid and we’re. Definitely gonna talk more about that, as we actually get in the inside of the bed and really see how this is constructed.

They then use two different layers of foam. They’re, essentially a poly foam material that’s, underneath that the hyper elastic and grid itself, and then there’s an overall cover and then underneath the cover there’s, an actually an inner layer.

That’s, not removable, and we’ll talk about why I’m, not definitely a fan of that overall type of design, especially for dog bet, but when we take a look at the overall design as a whole, I Think it’s, a good-looking design, it’s got, I think, a little bit of a clean, minimal design footprint it’s.

Predominately kind of gray monochromatic has a little bit of a sheen, maybe a little bit kind of a hatching pattern in terms of the the textured finish that it has. So I think it looks good you’ve got purple piping. That’s, of course, present throughout the company, and this is kind of a hallmark of the pens as well as, of course, the purple human beds. So, as we noted here with this purple pet bed, you’ve got these four different layers. Looking a little bit closer at the overall construction of the bed, it’s, pretty good. I’m, not gonna say that it’s outstanding and in some ways I definitely actually think it’s a little bit mediocre, especially for the price you’re pairing.

I think definitely compared to some other beds. It could be far better. So if we kind of go from top level perspective, let’s. First, take a look at the entirety. The outside you can see. It looks clean, no issues there.

It’s got essentially two different types of covers. The outer cover is polyester vicos and spandex vicos. For those of you, don’t know it’s, essentially derivative bamboo. This is good. They advocate that it’s anti, my man to microbial it’s, essentially moisture resistant or kind of like water resistant, and I definitely found in my testing that holds up.

You can see definitely here, as I kind of pour water over the fabric, I didn’t, have any issues in terms of it actually permeating going through the fabric and then hitting the inner layer, so that’s good.

So if you know, if you accidentally spill something or your pet has like I’d, say a small accident there’s, no problems where I think there’s, a much bigger issue of plays that when you get into Get into the next layer and the next layer is polyester and spandex that covers essentially the hyper elastic polymer and then the two foam cores that really make up the bed.

This is not removable. Now I went ahead and cut it open, because I wanted to be able to see really how the bed was construction. You’ll, see that here in a little bit, but that’s. The thing that I really really don’t like now.

This layer itself is also moisture resistant. You can see, as I kind of pour over water water. Also doesn’t break through, but accidents do happen. We actually did have an accident happen. Now, all my dogs, you know they go to the bathroom regularly.

You know issues and inside the house or anything like that. But sometimes things do occur and MODOK had an accident in the crate, and I think we didn’t get home for maybe about like an hour an hour and a half, and actually I had to clean off the lid cover and it was a Number one end a number two accident, so it had a chance to kind of settle.

They’re a little bit and I was able to wash it no problem. All that came out. That was great, but it actually had seeped through the top layer. So the outer layer and then gone into the secondary layer, and even it had seeped through that layer.

Now I didn’t get enough to where it actually got into the foam, but definitely you can see that that, having, I think, a better quality inner liner and one that would have been fully removable and also could have been washed – would have been Ideal now, because I cut mine open, I didn’t cut it open to the point that I destroyed it.

I just cut it open enough that I could remove the bed and then I was able to wash the inner layer. So that is just something you definitely want to keep in mind and definitely tell you that there are other beds that do have a secondary internal layer.

That is more robust and it can also be fully washed. So definitely, I think that the overall kind of design that regard could be improved upon now kind of moving to the next point here, if we talk about say the overall experience with these covers in itself.

Of course, your point of access is going to be utilizing a zipper, and definitely I can tell you again here another very negative point I think on this bed, especially for again the price point of the bed.

Doesn’t matter where they’re talking about the $ 150 smaller size or the $ 300. They’re both using this really kind of mediocre, very thin zipper. The zipper is very, very, very small, so it makes it hard to kind of unzip and zip this unit, and actually I have concern that over enough time I’m sure.

Probably some of you have experienced the fact that if you kind of pull on these zippers either one it doesn’t necessarily gear correctly on the on the track and either can kind of get inconsistently locked or you know worst case scenario may be.

The actual zipper breaks this is not like a much higher quality. Let’s, say thick YKK, like you know, six, eight or ten times. If that you can have that, you are really nice and seeing on kind of better quality travel type equipment that I would love to see.

You know that type of nice smooth, broad zipper you could even actually go to different types of what are called like aqua guard zippers, which actually self seal and help to mitigate any type of moisture getting through those areas, while also the kind of zipper can somewhat Be hidden within the way that the actual bedding is designed it’s, not purposely designed in that way, and so some dogs, which are really smart, can actually even find zippers and pull zippers.

So again, this is an area that I think could have been been improved upon on the bed, especially again at its price point. So moving away from the external aspects of the bed. Now let’s actually get on the inside of the bed, and this might be maybe the area that I was most disappointed in to be Frankton.

You know, I think the big thing that makes this bed so special is the hyperelastic polymer and while I definitely know that now purple has come out with a number of different versions of the purple human bed and they don’t all utilize.

The purple material exclusively. I still think that if we really talked about how much you’re, paying you’re, paying a pretty good amount for actually a pretty small amount of purple material and the way that it’s.

Actually bonded, I think, to the foam it’s fairly, poor. It’s, it’s, it’s, almost just kind of glued to a thin fabric material and then, of course, that is glued on to the form and they don’t. Give you any information actually on what type of glue they’re using there’s, many different types of glues.

These can off guessed differently and you know I’d love to know that they’re using you know, maybe a water-soluble non-toxic based glue, but they don’t. Tell you any of this information because maybe worst case scenario.

What happens is the dog was to eat this? You know if they were to rip it and get into it. So I really like to have a more kind of complete, comprehensive sense of really all the materials that have gone into the bed, but that hasn’t been communicated and what we’ll talk about this at the very end purple.

Sadly, I think, on our transparency scale, didn’t really do great. I gave them over a week to be able to answer actually questions on different aspects of the bed’s, design and its construction, and they didn’t.

Actually follow up with us if they do, though, I will go ahead and link that information in the description if they do go ahead and get back to us at some point now, if we take a look here another, I think big issue that I found within Their quote-unquote, smart comfort grid is that the actual hyperelastic material actually had I’d, see cracks or rips present within it, and so, of course, these actually provide the structure.

You know these kind of squared structures throughout the entirety of this grid, to be able to balance your dog &, # 39 s, weight and be able to distribute it, and the thing is: if they’re rip, they don’t work.

Really, the way that they’re intended to – and I found quite a number of them that were actually ripped now as a whole – the smart comfort grid still worked as intended, but again this is kind of when these things, I think, definitely at this Price point, and compared to traditional types of breads that aren’t using this, you would never have this type of issue with foam.

You wouldn’t see this if it was just a pure memory, foam bed, you know if it was a latex bed. I’ve, never seen that type of issue within the latex base bed, and you know, of course I’d, say with more natural based textiles, whether you’re talking about kind of cotton.

Are you talking about wool or even polyfill? Again, you wouldn’t, have these type of issues, so I think overall, construction could definitely be improved upon and you can see here when taking a look at the kind of the entirety of the smart comfort grid and how it’sĀ been bonded, definitely not the greatest in terms of the overall construction. So now that we’ve, pretty much talked, I think, about the overall kind of the bed and the construction. What it’s, made of kind of how it stacks up from price point and sizing.

Let’s, actually talk about the real-world experience, so it’s been interesting. You know, I think the first thing that we’d, actually decided to try to measure and definitely – and I think our forthcoming dog reviews – and maybe even this one I’ll, follow up on.

I want to bring a much more kind of scientific process to really being able to show you guys clear differences between one dog Minh another. So what I did kind of just initial kind of check was doing a temperature test, so I used an IR gun to be able to measure the temperature, essentially with no dog laying on it.

So essentially, it has been laying on the the carpet in the living room and I let it sit there for a while and kept the ambient temperature consistent. I was approximate about 70 degrees and then I went ahead and put it into motox crate and I let Modoc actually then go to sleep and he was in there for approximately an hour a little over an hour with the two different beds that I tested in.

It so tried the purple dog bed, and then I also tested dog bed for Less who actually makes probably one of the most popular dog beds, which is a good value proposition that’s available on Amazon, so it’s.

A-You know when we talked about the sizing it’s literally about almost a third that cost pretty comparable in terms of the oral thickness, but it’s entirely based memory, foam and so, of course, the big criticism on memory foam is That it retains a lot more heat, so how did the temperature stack up well, first and foremost, the overall temperature at ambient was essentially almost the same between both beds.

So you didn’t, really see any different serve approximately about 70 71 72 degrees. Once we went ahead and let Modoc lay in the beds for about an hour a period of time, the purple bed heated up to its peak, which I think can got up to somewhere between about 76 to about almost 79 degrees.

In contrast, when we compare that to the dog bed for less, therefore less was pretty much almost about the same exact type of heat pooling. So I didn ‘ T really see that one provided a superior heat benefit.

Now there are more ways to do heat assessment. I’m, going to be looking into those that might be a little bit more comprehensive, but taking a look at that and then also secondary thermal probe, that I also placed under, I saw overall pretty similar thermal results, meaning that it’S not like one was significantly cooler than the other after that.

Our period of time – and you know especially for larger breed dogs Mota for reference – is about sixty pounds. You know, of course, they’re gonna have maybe more heat pulling, and maybe that’s where they want to get off the bed, because maybe it doesn’t feel comfortable enough for them now, then, I also checked The temperature, after about a five-minute period, just to see how much the beds kind of quote, unquote cooled down and the overall kind of heat dissipation was pretty close to that.

I think the purple dog bed might have been maybe about one or two degrees better, but again it wasn’t like he was substantially cooler than the dog bed for less bed. So, overall, when we talked about, I think the thermal performance between these beds, I’d, say it’s a wash and your overall experience is going to be pretty similar between the two of them.

So don’t necessarily expect to get the purple dog bed and again have it be that it’s. Gon na be so much cooler than let’s, say a traditional. Let’s, say very popular or a pretty good quality memory. Foam bed.

So wrapping things up there’s, been kind of a lot of different aspects that we found about. I vetted this bed in and I can definitely tell you. I left the bed out a lot of times and we actually had a halo dog bed which had boosters in it, which has a polyfill based material in it and kind of an egg crepe foam.

That’s built into it. We then had to treat a dog bed which has the kind of boosters, and it also has a dual layers of kind of memory. Foam in there we’ve got the dog bed for less. We have the purple dog bed and I can tell you that overall, my experience generally found that it was the least popular bed amongst my three dogs, so Bowie MODOK and Ultron.

None of them. Generally, I’d, say we’re consistent about really going to it. They generally preferred their laying on the carpet laying on the couch or laying, on anything other any number of the other beds that we had out now.

This doesn’t mean that they never laid on it. They definitely worked in times that they did go ahead and lay on it, and you can definitely see cases in here and overall, I do think you know it’s fairly comfortable for them, but there are some definite factors that I think you do Want to keep in mind one, I think that the overall hyperelasticity, the bounciness, that this bed has actually could be a little bit, maybe jarring or weird, for some dogs, when you actually kind of get on it, because it it kind of, is balancing out your weight Right, excuse me: will balancing out your dog’s weight? Some dogs may actually kind of feel a little bit weird to this.

If you actually really look at the way dogs work when it comes to kind of settling into kind of a space for them to get comfortable into, they will dig a lot of people criticize the dogs on theirs. But this is genetic.

This comes from actually than being in the walls, and you know being an outdoor spaces or caves, and they would dig to kind of burrow in a space they could kind of curl into, and so that’s. Why a dog will do this on their normal bedding and in this regard, the purple bed bed.

Definitely, I think, was good enough in terms of being resistant. Old Tron is probably the heaviest digger that we have of the group. He likes to kind of really scratch into beds and the bed didn’t rip, and definitely he had a couple of times that he went in a pretty heavy.

So I will say that the material is pretty tough in that regard, but because of the way that material is designed, it doesn’t really kind of wear and you can’t really kind of create a more dented space into it.

Ultron’s. Primary bed is actually a baffled memory. Foam bed and the baffling is important because it kind of keeps the foam pieces spread evenly throughout, but it does allow it still to kind of take a shape over time.

And so there’s. A little bit kind of more of a divot of space, and I think that for a lot of dogs, they’re gonna feel more comfortable kind of creating this kind of more curled end type of experience where the purple dog bed it’s not gonna flatten it’s, not going to kind of create a shape that you can kind of feel comfortable in over a period of time, and I think for some dogs they may not like that.

Maybe other dogs may like the kind of the even balance, the support that it does provide, but it is sign of something to see now. You can see here here a couple of different shots, just kind of showing you what the experience of like is kind of how a dog gets on to the purple bed versus some of the other beds, and you can definitely see that there’s.

A difference in kind of the way that the weight is distributed between, let’s, say the purple dog bed and let’s, say the dog bed for less bit. You know overall. Do I still think that, like I said they both hold up yes and you know, did Modoc or Hezbollah or has Ultron all laid on it and generally had.

I think you know a comfortable experience, yes, but it is kind of something to keep in mind. I also really don’t like the fact that the Purple dog bed doesn’t have boosters, I think you know, having kind of the bolsters or kind of boosters that you see in other pet beds.

I think a lot of dogs do like have something that can kind of curl up against put their head on put their shoulder on kind of just lean into and ultimately make for more comfortable experience. So wrapping things up ultimately, do I really recommend the Purple dog bed? I’m gonna give it a marginal passing yeah just about where I am at.

Irately approve it. You know really from a value proposition. You can get the dog bed for Less right now from Amazon for less than $ 90. You know or right about $ 90 and keep in mind that it comes with.

You know, a removable, inner liner and an external liner, and they have five different types of covers, which you know are all about. You know it’s in around the 20 inch $ 25 range, that’s, really important, because some different dogs – sometimes they they might like the bet, but they might not like the external material, the dog that for less you can get In tool – or you can get it in kind of a more ballistic type of nylon material, you can get it in a denim material.

So you can find kind of one that not only fits for your aesthetics, but maybe actually is more comfortable for your dog’s coat, and this is really important. Some dogs have far more sensitive kind of skins and coats than other dogs.

Ultron’s, a very short haired dog I compared to Bowie Bowie. You know she’ll lay straight on tile and she’s, not bothered by it at all, but she has a much thicker coat and so having been able to have the ability to kind of swap these out, I think, can be Very important and purple just flat out doesn’t offer this and they’ve, communicated that they’re, not offering it in any other.

Aesthetic choices and you can’t even buy a replacement color cover, which, for me, I think, is absolutely just a huge negative, because what happens if something happens in that cover? It’s, a very non-traditional size in that respect, so it becomes very difficult to be actually able to replace that so value proposition.

You know, like I said up to $ 300 for the largest size. When you compare that to you know, you can get some very good quality dog beds. You know at about a third or half the price. Even some really great full natural options like savvy RS, has a really outstanding option, which is large and it’s, unnatural latex material and an organic cotton.

You know cover for 150 bucks so said I think okay now one. You know. Last credit, though I will give to purple, is that they do offer a similar kind of trial program that they offer for their human beds, which i think is fantastic.

So I think, while it’s more expensive, you know outside of the one year warranty they are giving you a hundred night trial program available to you if you buy it directly from them. So if you do want to try it out for your dog and of course, you can hopefully make sure that nothing happens to it and it’s still in a condition that could be returned.

You can take advantage of this hundred night. You know trial and see if ultimately, this really is a good dog bed for you, and this is something that I definitely think is a positive, because you know for many other dog beds for many other places.

They generally have a pretty hard policy that once the dog bed is purchased, you cannot return it back to that location, so this is at least a little bit of a kind of flexibility. On that, your initial investment – you know if your dog doesn’t enjoy it 4x different reasons.

Then you know you can at least get your money back so overall, hopefully you found this review on the purple bed. Bed, insightful, interesting and useful. If you did, I’d love to have you guys hit that subscribe button again, make sure to check out our Patreon link to find out how you can support us in and help to enable more dog beds, reviews as well as many other cool Dog related products in the future and if you have any comments or feedback, also make sure to go and drop them into the comments section.

So with that don’t forget to subscribe, like the video share it and check us out on Instagram. So, for that take care, take it easy enjoy the rest of your day.

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