PupShow Orthopedic Cuddler Dog Bed Review

PupShow Orthopedic Cuddler Dog Bed Review

I’m, going to be doing a review on one of belle’s current favorite item. The Pupshow Orthopedic cuddler dog bed.

Belle loves this bed. This is a medium bed and light gray and, as you can see, she actually loves to cuddle and lay in this bed. I think this is like more of her safe haven. It is so comfortable. I’ve actually been in it myself just to be funny and it is so comfortable and to be transparent.

I was sent this bed from pup show, but this is honestly my honest review from what I’ve noticed with her she likes to go in this bed. She likes to lay in it all the time whenever she’s taking naps, it’s huge and you can see from the inside that it goes pretty deep and it provides a very soft cushion.

So I actually brought this with me when we went on a road trip and she literally just slept in it the whole ride. I actually have pictures that I’m gonna show you guys and she just loves to be in it. She feels so comfortable in it um she doesn’t, get too hot or irritated with it.

So I think this is a really amazing bed. I really want to thank pup show for sending me this bed because she really enjoys it. It’s, soft like cotton material. It’s very breathable. It doesn’t shed.
So even though it’s, so fluffy it does not shed. So you won’t, find any um loose fur around the home or even on your dogs, or anything like that. It is so big for a medium um. This could fit two of bells in here and belle’s only eight pounds for this to be a medium.

So if you have a tiny dog, I feel like this is more like a safe haven because it allows them to feel more um secured, and you know when you’re, not home, and everything um. It just gives them a safe haven for them to just relax, come back in the bed yeah, so she literally just cuddles right in the crevices of the bed.

I like how it’s rounded, and it has these um little crevices around, where they can kind of snuggle up and just feel so secure and at home and belle really enjoys the bed um just even at certain times.

I just if I can’t find her at home. She’s in the bed and she really just loves this bed. When I first took out the packaging, she was um going crazy in it. I’m gonna see. If I have a video for you guys to see how much she really enjoys the bed when I first took it out guys, so this is a little snippet of belle in the bed.

Oh, my gosh look at her in her bed. She loves the bed. Oh my goodness, oh you love your bed. Okay yeah! I literally just opened this bed and belle is literally obsessed with it. Whether she’s, obsessed with destroying it or just obsessed with the fluffiness, because it’s, so fluffy you guys so fluffy.

I got it a pretty good size for her, not too big, not too small. So she could still feel snug because she likes to feel snug in all her beds and it’s so fluffy and it’s. So deep it has a nice cushion.
Oh, can I touch your bed? Oh no. Can I touch your bed? Oh okay, she don’t. Let me touch her bed y ‘ All she said, don’t touch my bed mom. This is my bed in my bed. Only look how crazy she’s going in it.

Can I touch your bed? I touched your bed. I touched your bed, she’s like so excited for this bed. This is literally the perfect bed for any size. Dog belle is currently 8 pounds, and this is a medium size.

They have sizes ranging from small to 2x large and they also have a variety of different colors. Like I’ve seen there was a beige mint green. This is the light gray. I’m more of a light gray and it just follows my aesthetic at home, so I’m glad that they have colors to match your home, so the beds are not standing out in your home, which is nice also.
This is also machine washable. So there was a moment. Belle did throw up in here, and I took it and popped it in the washer and popped it in the dryer and it came out the same as you can see it’s, not messed up.

The back is not damaged um, so it is well washable. It’s a washable bed, so you don’t have to worry about it, getting ruined and having to throw it away and purchase another one. Another thing that I like about this bed: it has some really good qualities about it.

The PupShow Orthopedic Cuddler Dog Bed is Proven to Ease Anxiety

It’s proven to ease anxiety. So if your pup is having any um separation, anxiety or just any anxiety at all um, they will really feel secure in this bed and it also helps to relieve any joint or muscle pain.

So if you do have an older dog, this orthopedic bed will make sure that they’re, not in any pain when they’re in it. So guys, if you want to check out this bed, i’m going to be leaving the link down in the description box.

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