This is our dog bed and microfiber blanket from pet fusion. As you can tell our chocolate lab Sadie loves her bed. She weighs about 75 pounds. You can tell that you know she ‘ S got plenty of room in here.

We actually have three dogs. They like to sleep together, sometimes uh. So you know this large bed is a really good option for us. This is actually the extra-large size it’s available in four sizes, small-large extra-large, and jumbo, and you can find the dimensions for all of those.

If you click the link below this video to choose the one that’s, the best size for your dog or dogs, they range in price from 74.95 for the small to 249.95 for the jumbo. So definitely not cheap dog beds.

But there’s a reason for that. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This bed is made with four inches of solid memory, the foam underneath here and then the bolsters are made with recycled green polyfill.

So let me see if I can get Sadie off here and i’ll show you what that looks like on the side of the bed here, uh there’s, one zipper for the bolster compartment, [, Music ] – and there is a separate zipper on the back here for the memory foam pad both of these can come out and the dog bed cover itself is machine washable, which is a must for me.

If you have dogs that shed a lot that always track in dirt dogs that might have accidents, while they sleep that’s, just a must for me to have a washable cover. You can also see the waterproof inner liner here and that helps again.

If your dog has any accidents, the bolster has the cover as well. The outside cover of the dog bed is water, resistant and also tear-resistant, so both are helpful. Water-resistance is obviously important if you’ve got a dog that has accidents.

I personally love that it’s, tear-resistant because our dogs are nesters. I have three dogs, all three are nesters, so they scratch before they lay down. I don’t know if you can see all of the dirt and the hair that’s on this bed.

They have clearly used it a lot. They love it and there’s, no wear and tear. As far as the scratching goes, so i definitely recommend that quality of the cover in that aspect it is available in three colors.

This is the slate gray it’s also available in sandstone and charcoal brown. I, like the slate gray. I think it would match any home’s decor, but if you’d like a brown color or sandstone, those are available as well.

You’ll, also notice a non-skid bottom on here. This is pretty standard in a lot of dog beds. It has those little rubber bumps on it just to keep it from sliding around when your dog gets up and down. The other thing that I like is you can see the bolster doesn’t.

Go all the way around there’s. This little place that’s, easy to step on that’s really important. If your dog has mobility issues or issues lifting their legs, a lot of times, older dogs or dogs with arthritis can’t make that big step up over the bolster.

So i like that it has that little space in the front that’s, an easy step on for dogs with that issue. So now i’ll move on to the blanket this is, as i said, a micro plush blanket. So we got the same size uh blanket as our dog bed.

So, of course they would match. You can use it as a another little layer of the dog bed uh. If your dog loves to snuggle. We have two dogs that like to be tucked underneath the covers um, so you know if there’s.

Tons of reasons to have these. The other great thing about these blankets is they’re great for travel when we travel their dog? I bring this in the car. I think it helps to soothe their anxiety a little bit because it smells like home and just gives them that kind of comfort, but also you know it’s, just a layer that keeps the dirt and the hair off my car.

If you’re going to stay in a hotel room or at somebody else’s, house um, it’s, just easy to take along with you. So super soft. The blanket’s, 100 polyester um. It is shed like the pilling. Some materials pill really easy, but it’s.

Pill-resistant, so um it’ll stay looking nice for a long time. It’s. Also double-layered see if i can pull it apart. A little bit, but there’s, two layers to it, so it’s, extra, durable, and machine washable.

Again, a must for me, with anything related to my dogs and any kind of cloth material. So i love that it’s available in four sizes, too small, medium, large and extra-large. You can jump on our website again.

They are not the cheapest out there, but they are higher quality. If you’re getting beds that are made with the cheap poly fill uh stuffing, almost like the same stuff found in plush dog toys, you can find those at big box stores for 20 or 30 dollars, but they go flat really easily.

They don’t support your pet. The way that micro uh the way. Sorry that memory foam does so you know there’s. You get what you pay for when it comes to dog beds. Again, i’ve, done a lot of research on dog beds and written a couple of articles that talk about the quality of dog bed and why it’s important to get a a good quality bed for your dog.

You can also read more on Pet Fusion website here.