ORVIS - ComfortFill Couch Dog Bed

ORVIS – ComfortFill Couch Dog Bed


Hey! I’m Lindsay product merchant here in Orvis, looking to spoil your dog with maximum cushioning and maximum comfort. Look no further than our top-of-the-line Orvis comfort filled couch bed.

The combination of the double stack bolster and the removable center cushion gives your dog a place to nestle into enhancing their sense of security. The high bolster is sturdy, yet soft, refusing to flop over under your dog’s weight even as they leaned into it day after day.

On the surface, you’ll, find furniture grade microfiber fabric, which is extremely durable and is quilted for extra comfort. The piping creates a tidy finished look. This bed is easy to clean, just unzip the entire cover and toss the whole thing into your home.

Washing machine inside you’ll, find our plush comfort full cushion. We use top-of-the-line polyester fiberfill that holds its loft. Even if your dog, like mine, loves to dig burrow and nest to find that perfect spot once they’re settled in chambered.

Liners inside prevent the fill from clumping and shifting cleaning it’s, easy just like the cover. The entire cushion can be thrown right into your washing machine and if you’re, looking to add a neat personal touch to the bed, we can embroider your dog’s, name right on the front.

My three year old black lab Josie weighs 80 pounds and she loves this style of bed. It gives her tons of room to sprawl out when she wants to or to snuggle in by curling up into the corner when it’s cold.

Her brother Hank climbs in with her and they curl up together, whether you have one dog or two or more. The Orvis couch bed truly lives up to its name:

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