Disc-O-Bed Dog Bed

Introducing the Disc-O-Bed Dog Bed!


[, Music ]. Now you can treat your dog with the same comfort. You treat yourself to [ Music ] from the manufacturers of disco bid, bunkable cot systems. The elevated dog bed now offers your pet maximum sleeping comfort wherever they may go.

[ Music ], based on similar design attributes as our bunk system, the dog bit gets your pet off the ground for a safe sturdy and comfortable sleeping option with a weight tolerance of up to 200 pounds.

The optional canopy offers added protection from the sun, and the breathable textiline mat ensures your pet will rest easy, while staying cool and comfortable indoors or out the removable sleeping, mat and canopy are both washable and water resistant.

So cleanups are quick and easy. The dog bed offers quick and easy no-tool assembly and fully disassembles for storage and transport. [ Music ], the disco bid dog bed, making sure man’s best friend now gets to sleep as comfortably as you do.


Source : Youtube
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