How To Choose The Right Dog Bed

Hello, I’m Debbie Connelly, and I am going to show you how to choose the right dog bed. I have 30 years experience in animal care and behavior, and I’m going to talk to you today about your dog training and candies. I’m, going to give you some tips on how to choose the dog bed.

It might seem a simple process, but in reality it is if you have a young puppy. It is really not worth spending a lot of money on dog beds because they eat them to the point they will trash them and I always think there’s, a direct correlation between how much you’ve spent and just how much Damage they do to it.

It’s almost like they know. So there’s, no point in spending a lot of money on something that you don’t simply gonna tear into pieces. The other end of the scale are the elderly dogs, and sometimes that creeps up on us and we don’t realize and just like all the people, you need to think about.

Perhaps a bit of extra cushioning if they’ve got joint problems. You want cushioning that’s firm! You don’t want something that’s too soft. An older dog might struggle to get out of what you think is a beautifully soft wonderful bed, but it can’t move its back legs strongly enough to push itself out in struggles.

So it’s a little bit more complicated than just here’s. A nice blanket here’s, a lovely bed. The traditional beds, you generally see for dogs are plastic molded unit lots of different types of these huge array of sizes make sure you get one that your dog can lying comfortably.

I’ve, seen quite a few that are little bit too small for the dog, but then I’ve, seen some rather large dogs, fitting surprisingly, like a TARDIS into the little tiny ones. The thing I like about these is a lot of them have vents at the bottom, so, rather than being just one piece, they’re, actually sections stripped down to the bottom, which actually let the air circulate.

Now that’s quite good, because your doggy sleep in its bed or a nice pillow can actually get a little bit warm and underneath the plastic beds, if ticking, if they’re on a hard surface, you can get quite a lot Of condensation, which not just can damage your floor, but it can get a little bit smelly and not be very pleasant.

So if you’re going to use plastic ones, I recommend that what you do is try to get one. That’s vented at the bottom. Now. What I tend to use in these is a variety of things, but I use quite a lot of products like that bed.

Now these are fleecy type materials and generally the good quality types are made so that if, for example, you’ve got a young dog or even an elderly dog that’s got some continence problems, and your dog is incontinent, extend anything That dribbles out, elaborately or otherwise we’ll, simply go through the bedding and through and onto the floor, underneath this means that your dog is not lying in stock in bedding all the time.

The other good thing about things like that bed is that you can mix several pieces and change the thickness of it. So you might want three or four pieces at nighttime a bit more comfortable, older dog, bit more squashy bit more comfort for the joints, or you might simply want one piece in perhaps if it’s a fit and healthy dog or it’s a puppy that’s going to eat it all, but it does give you a little bit of flexibility.

There are lots of designer type beds on the market. I can’t say I’d, spend the money on them, but people apparently like them. Now these look like tiny little sofas and chairs, and if you want to spend the money that’s entirely your choice, they’re, not necessarily any better than a standard big cushion with a washable cover on it.

But if you want something that matches your furniture and then impress your friends that’s, possibly the way to go again, look at size. So what you’re, looking at with beds, is something that is practical is easy to clean so that it’s, not smelly or uncomfortable or wet.

You need something that is suitable for the size and weight of your dog, and if it’s, an older dog, you may gradually have to add a little bit more cushioning but firm cushioning. So you don’t can get in and out of it very easily.

So that is how to find the right bed for your dog

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