How To Build a Mid Century Modern Dog Bed

How To Build a Mid Century Modern Dog Bed

Hey everybody, my name is Mike Montgomery, and this is Jasper, and today we’re gonna show you how to build this surprisingly easy to make mid-century modern dog bed on modern builds woman. So the first thing I needed to do was measure my dog bed.

That way, I knew how big of a box I needed to build, and if you want to use this same dog, then I’ll, have an Amazon link down in the description, so check it out, and once I knew all my measurements, I moved Over to the miter saw and cut out my main pieces.

Now I’m using a 1 by 8 piece of walnut, but if you don’t have that local to you. You could always use pine, Oh maple, whatever you want here, I’m at my table, saw and I’m making. What’s called a rabbet on the bottom of the boards.

It’s, just a recess that the bottom panel will sit into that way. It’s, not visible. I ‘ Ve got a 3/16 inch piece of plywood, so that’s about how big the recess is. Then I got my two side pieces and I use this pink candle it to mark the round over on the Front’s of the side, so that way there’s, no sharp corner.

I just use my disk sander to smooth all that out. I wanted to include this weird piece of grain or bark towards the one front. You saw me cut that out earlier to attach my pieces together. I’m gonna use, glue and screws, but here I’m using my pocket hole, jig drill bit to make a recess that way the screws sit below the surface of the wood so that I could come back later with a 3/8 inch dowel and plug that up it’s, a really cool way to make high-end.

Looking joints really quick and really easy. I just used these right angle clamps from Rockler to hold everything square then I could screw it all together and that’s. Gon na hold everything, while the glue dries once the glue dries combined with the screws.

These are gonna, be really really strong joints and, like I mentioned at the beginning of the video, the two sides in the back piece are cut out of a 1 by 8, while the front piece is cut out of a 1 by 4, and I did The same thing with the glue and screws, once I had my dowels in I used what’s called a Japanese pull saw to cut them off flush.

I’ll, have a link in the description and then the last thing I had to do was plug up the little holes on the in from the rabbit joints that I made earlier, then I could move back to the table, saw and cut my 3/16 inch plywood to size.

I just added a bunch of glue to that recess. Then I could drop in my panel. While I let the glue dry, I added some nails to hold everything really securely and by the time I had all that finished, I could go back with my Japanese pull saw again and trim all my plugs flush, and while I do that, I’D like to take a second to think this week’s sponsor squarespace.

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com for all your website needs lately. It seems like most of the things I’ve been building, have incorporated tapered legs and tapered. Legs are really cool, but I wanted to stray away from that a little bit for this project and build something a little more square, a little bit more blocky.

So I cut a bunch of one by two pieces of walnut to about 5 inches long. Then I could glue those pieces together to make relatively square blocks. Then I moved back over to the table saw and I could trim them all square [ Music ].

Once I had all those pieces square, I trimmed one of the ends on the miter saw so that it was nice and square. Then I set up a stop block so that they were all the exact same size. The apron is gonna, be really really simple.

Just some pieces to connect all four legs together. So after I cut him besides on the table, saw and cut them to length on the miter saw, I broke out my pocket hole jig. I no pocket holes. Aren’t. Everyone’s.

Favorite, but they are a super, easy way to put this base together and no one will ever see the pocket hole screws. So after I drilled all of them out. I just added some glue to the end of the joint, then attached it to the center of the leg.

This assembly looks really cool because in a little bit of space on the inside and outside of the leg, that gives it a really cool, notched texture. Once I add them all together, I could flip it over and make sure it was all square and flat which it was so that meant, I could add some glue to it and attach it to the box.

I just made sure there was an equal distance from the edge of the box to the edge of the legs all the way around. Then I waited for the glue to get tacky so that I could flip it over without it moving then add some weights.

I thought I was just gonna add waves, but then I had a change of heart and decided to add some screws for a little extra strength. Once I cleaned up all the glue, sanded everything and rounded over all the corners, I added a coat of boiled.

Linseed oil that really made this walnut look beautiful and remember when I mentioned that weird piece of walnut texture earlier. This is why I decided to keep it. It looks beautiful, so the whole goal or the whole design challenge with this piece, was how to build a mid-century modern, inspired project without any tapered legs.

For a couple reasons, one I’ve, been using them a lot lately. So I wanted to try something a little more square but to because they’re, pretty intimidating oftentimes for people tapered legs, usually aren’t easy to get your head around for the first time.

So I wanted to make something a little simpler and I think I did that the dowels at a really cool high-end look and the base is well really cool. So I hope you guys enjoyed this project and, like I mentioned toward the beginning of the video I used walnut, but you could really use whatever type of wood.

If you only have oak or maple or pine at your local Home Depot, you can always use that and remember you can always stain pine as well, but I do recommend you find some hardwood or plywood supplier near you.

You’re gonna get a lot better prices and usually a little bit better quality, and also want to give one more huge thanks to Squarespace com for sponsoring this video, if you need a website for any reason, be sure and check them out.

Like I said, I’ve, been using them for over two years now, and I’m. A huge fan, if you plan on building this project for yourself, make sure and check out the link in the description to the written article.

On my website, it’s. Gon na have the materials and supplies list step by step plans and all the information you ‘ Ll need to be able to build this yourself. If you’ve got any questions about this project.

Leave me a comment down below, or you can hit me up on Instagram. If you enjoyed this video, I’d, really appreciate a thumbs up that listen, YouTube, know that this was a good video and helps them know to recommend it to other people.

And finally, if you’re new to my channel and you’re, not already, I would really appreciate it. If you considered subscribing that way, you can stay updated every time I post a new project video. So thanks a lot everybody.

I hope you have a great rest of your week and we’ll, see you next week on modern builds. Oh I messed that up. Let me try again that one was better

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