DIY No Sew Dog Bed

With another amazing animal mom Paige, who’s, showing us how to make a know so animal better size for all my free friends? Yes, well, you know, I am an animal mom. I did have five. I only have four now I lost my kitty around Christmas mercury.

She was 21 years old. Thank you. I’m okay. To talk about it. Now I was inconsolable. I canceled Christmas, my poor family, but if there she was, she was my travel companion. She used the toilet. She was on the road with me on extreme makeover for ten years, so she was kind of like that that help animal before it was cool to have one right there.

Yes, I’m. Sorry for your losses. Thank you know. So much but yes, I we’ve got the other four animals and they’re all a little displaced. Now mercury ran the household she didn’t have the dogs, she was not a fan of and they were very respectful.

However, they knew they could never go around her stuff. Well, now that she’s gone, they go around her stuff. They go in every day and steal this tiny little kitty bag. I can’t even how my dogs are eighty pounds, that’s Juno and seriousness when a series they are 80 pounds each.

They’re in a bed made for a 11 pound cat and they fight over it all day long. They want to be in this little bed, and I thought you know what I should probably just build them, something that’s. A little bit bigger, we can just look at more of those photos during this entire segment.

They’re, so incredibly cute. Okay. Well, then, you ‘ Ve got extra motivation to make this bed. Yes, what materials do we need? Okay? So we need some fleece fabric and make this as personal as you want to.

You can even see it’s, a little on me as well, and then we need some memory foam. Then you’re gonna want a tape measure or a ruler scissors and a pen. This I added you don ‘ T really need this, but it’s, so fabulous it’s like one of those turkey Carver’s or he cut the foam to cut the foam.

Yes, you really could do it with scissors, but I had this so here I’m gonna give you that if you’ve got it use it up. Okay, now, here’s, the thing we’re talking about cutting cutting the bed it to size.

How do you know what size to make the bed for your pet? Clearly, your dogs at home have it wrong, but you’re right. Yeah 12 by 18 seemed like a good thing for them 80 pounds, but no, we do have a chart that we’re gonna offer.

You guys at home, check your breed check how much they weigh in this, how much they should be a size of bed that they should be in. So my dogs are labs, they’re lab mixes, it’s all rescues and you can see there.

They belong in an extra-large, not the tiny one. Not is my dog as well. So how do we get started with this? Okay? So I took those measurements and then kind of adapted it to what I could find in the market.

So this is actually a topper, a mattress topper that you can get. I got it on sale at joints, so all you need to do is turn it over completely on itself and I just cut it down the middle. Oh and it’s.

So soft it’s. Enclosed yeah me, yes, that I might have to scooch them over. So what you want to do, then, is place that one of the pieces of fabric I’m, going to go six inches additional all the way around your phone.

Alright, because we’re gonna use that, for the no sew part, we’re gonna tie it off GOC and you do the same thing. On top yeah, it was six inches out all the way around all the way around. Okay, just keep going and then for easy enough.

Really, if you think about it, it is, and then you just want to you know, and if too, if you’re doing this and you have it’s moving a lot, you can put little pins in it to hold it. Okay, but um, let me have that if I can stay right here that guy, I think that I just took away from me.

Yes, okay, so we want to do six inches from each side yep. So what right about there? And we’re gonna cut out be. Could you be 11 open that for me? Thank you so much. I’m gonna switch hands here. Okay, so what you want to do is right at the corner, make a little square of the six inches and we’re gonna cut this off.

We do not need this on all four corners. Thank you. You’re, such a good as well. I like to assist when I can okay, so um, and you can see it. I did underneath just so. You guys could see at home a little bit better than on this fabric, and then I’m just cutting in on those lines.

Yep marked, I’m just cutting in and we are going to discard this. We do not need this fabric, so all the corners get removed, yep very good yep. This is why, in a minute here, I think exactly: okay as well, alright, and then we have okay.

So all the way around we’ve got that six inches. We’re missing all of our corners. Now you can eyeball this. I don’t you don’t need to get it. You get the measuring tape out, I would say one and a half to two inches cut in and you’re going to want to go all the way in about five and a half inches, almost all the way to your six inches and you Go all the way around all the way around you promise.

No, so, and you are delivering, I see what we’re doing here. This is so this is so it’s. No, so no so smart! It is very smart, okay and then what you do is just tie it off. Now, as you’re tying those um, those those off we’ve got memory foam inside.

Yes, could you could you try this with polyfill? I would say yes at your own risk. I don’t know if your dog is anything like mine, but if we give them any toy, if it has polyfill that’s like the what comes into teddy bear.

Yes, it is all over and all there’s. Gon na be little holes because of these are ties. Yep, you’re gonna see a little bit of the memory foam, so maybe the polyfill would kind of come out there yeah. You know, but a lot of people I looked online, a lot of people use it and their dogs really really love it.

So I say you know what, if they don’t, if they’re, not biters, go right ahead. One of my concerns also as a dog owner then he likes to be outside all the time. Is that these get really dirty? Is there a way that you could cut less of the tabs and tie less so it’s easier to remove and just wash the the fleece? I think you could, but if you pull well actually this isn’t leaving much.

I’m, worried that you would see more of that. There’d, be more openings on the side yeah, but it’s. Still a great idea to take this off, throw it in the wash then come back out and just tie everything up again how about taking the whole thing and tossing it in the other washing well, I wouldn’t trust the memory foam.

You should probably not put that in just because it’s, so heavy and it’s so dense and it’s. So wonderful, I wouldn’t want that to shrink back down to the kitty bed. I would I would find a part that the hard way yes, so we have one here that we started earlier great and you can see tie these if you go too tight, you’re gonna really pucker, which doesn’t leave A good look yeah, so keep it a little loose but actually double knot.

It because you will have at the end of the day they dip their pups type. You know too tight, yeah, double no don’t move it around. You know what this is. This is really ingenious. I mean here’s. The thing you’ve got you & # 39; ve got your own homemade dog bed right here, like you, do I mean this? Is genius page no sew at all? No, so you so much Juno and series will love may see me home our channel com.

Full instructions will be there as always.

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