Casper Dog Bed Review

I recently purchased this Casper dog bed for Frankie and I wanted to review it because a $200 dog bed leaves us with a lot of questions. Frankie currently has four beds, one for in the living room, one first crate that fit perfectly when we had it another one for his puppy bed that he still loves, but doesn’t really fit in, and now his Casper dog bed.

All of the previous dog beds were purchased for specific reasons like the bone. The bed is for dirt and bones, and so he doesn’t go on the carpet. The crate bed is because it fits perfectly in the crate and it was comfy and it had no room on the side, so it was just bed and crate, and his puppy bed was something that I just randomly picked up the day before I brought him home Because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that he might not even like now.

The main reason I got the Casper dog bed is because he’s aging, even though he’s only a year and a half his bones may hurt. His muscles may be sore and if I’m sleeping on a very nice mattress, I think that he deserves the same.

But I’ll be honest with you at first I didn’t want to spend that much money on a dog bed. I didn’t get the point, but it is the Christmas season. So I felt like Santa and let me keep this short and sweet.

He absolutely loves it. Currently, as we are filming he is in his dog bed. The bed comes with a removable cover. However, I still put a blanket on there to add some extra snuggle warmth for him and it catches the jewel when he’s snoozing.

“The Casper Dog Bed is Beyond Comfortable”

It is beyond comfortable like, I’ve even tried it. I’m sure we can all relate to having a tough sleepless night and then just getting on the floor with our dog and laying in their bed with them and annoying them from their perfect.

Absolute amazing sleep. I’m sure. I’m, not the only one who does that, and so I laid in the bed with him, and it was awesome. I like the nice design of the bed, keeping it nice and modern. It is firm and durable, but full of cushion, so your dog is comfortable after a long active day.

Now it comes in blue, sand color, and gray, and we chose the medium-sized dog bed as Frankie is 20 inches tall and around 36 pounds. Now I also read some reviews of dogs not liking the bed. Unless there is a blanket over it and I can’t say the same for Frankie, because he moves a lot during the night.

Sometimes he sleeps on the bathroom tile because it’s a little bit cooler, but every single morning, when I wake up, I find him in the Casper dog bed. Sometimes, even at night before I even go to bed, he puts himself to bed and I walk in my room and he’s snoozing away in the bed.

He always chooses that one. I think I would recommend this dog bed for more of an active breed, one that’s, not all about the snuggles and the warmth and the cuddles and loves to lay in bed all day as, as I said before, I put a blanket On it to make it a little bit warmer, but if it’s, just the dog bed itself, it’s, pretty plain it’s, pretty simple, and it’s, not that cozy.

But it is really soft and durable, and finally, this is not a paid ad, even though it sounds like it. I paid $200 for a Casper dog bed and I think you should too 10 out of 10 from Joey and Frankie.

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