Carhartt Dog Bed Review

Today, we’re gonna be doing a Carhartt dog bed review. This dog bed has a little bit higher price point, so we’re gonna be taking a deep dive to see if it’s worth the money.

So when I think of Carhartt, I think people who work outdoors thick work wear, pants overalls, nice jackets that are gonna last you a long time and this dog bed is in that same color that you often see Carhartt gear in so it’s interesting to see that a lot of larger brands are kind of coming into the dog space Carhartt yetee, a lot of well-known outdoor companies are making products specifically for dogs and marketing them.

So we saw this and we thought let’s. Take a look kind of see what this is all about. You can get dog beds anywhere, so why spend a little bit more money on something you know made by an outdoor gear company? My initial thoughts taking the bed out of the box is that it ‘sĀ got some really nice cushion. I think the size here that we chose is really good for small to medium sized dog, and if you are someone, maybe who works in forestry or takes your dog to work with you in the car or you work in the shop, this would be a good Option the cover is machine washable, which is super nice.

Carhartt Dog Bed Review – Easily Washable

Having raised puppies and older dogs, it gets dirty. Accidents, happen really nice to be able to just unzip it, throw it in the wash. So the copper of this bed is made with duck canvas and it comes in a couple different color options.

I would say for the price point something that we notice when we were doing our research is that it doesn’t necessarily hold up really well well to power, chores or puppies. So if you are going to spend the extra money to get this bed, which is probably I would call it like – a more high tier or higher quality, an investment, it would be good.

Maybe if your dog really just wants a place to chill to relax. Isn’t gonna chew it. It’s. Fine if they ‘ Re gonna have their toys on here and play, but if your dog has a tendency to chew kind of on edges or zippers, or something like that, this might not be the best room.

So if you are already a fan of Carhartt or have some of their work, wear or anything else from them, this dog bed fall is right in line with that same quality. That’s, really what the brand is known for, and I would say that this is no difference.

So you know if your dog likes likes to be cozy, maybe they might already have a Carhartt jacket like we reviewed in one of our previous videos. This this is going to be kind of will maybe set the collection for them.

They can have all of their gear, so a really good option for a little bit higher price point. So we got this dog bed on Amazon. If you want to check it out, read some of the reviews learn any more about it.

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